When my brother was celebrating his birthday, I kept thinking about what kind of gift I could give him. He was quite demanding. My brother said he didn`t want any more gifts that he was holding on to, that he didn`t want any mugs or T-shirts or sweatshirts or anything. I understand this, because my brother has been making his own money for 10 years, and he also told me that he always buys what he needs. So, we might as well give him some things for his birthday and rather experiences, things he doesn`t want, so I figured if I don`t know what I`m going to get my brother, that maybe I`ll look online, what does the internet offer?

Guns are expensive.

What experiences? Gun range in Prague https://outbackprague.com/ is good choice! And because my brother`s so action oriented, I figured it would take something really perfect. And just as I wrote, a shooting range in Prague can be really cool. Selection, great choice, so I answered the phone right away. I checked one more on the website about the shooting range in Prague and called them there. I heard from people right away. I have to admit, I was surprised because they were all professionals, and they all knew what to do. Well, then I`d say I have a really special present for him that I`m sure he`ll be excited about and that he won`t turn him down at all.

Have you ever had a gun in your hand?

My brother kept asking me to tell him something, or to give him a clue, but I didn`t tell him anything. My brother was so nervous about this because he didn`t know what was coming. He thought maybe we`d go to the seaside, and I`d take his partner, too. He`s got a girlfriend he`s been dating for two years, and he said himself that he`s in love and that I want to marry them with us not that eye. So maybe my brother was also wondering if I could buy him a honeymoon or something. That`s what I had when I showed him afterwards that we were going to shoot in Prague, so he was really excited and my brother himself told me that he also wanted to try this sometimes because he himself was interested in guns and had five really historic weapons at home. Which he makes a point of.